Thursday, August 13, 2015

10 steps to be tumblr

We all know these girls with messy buns in white bed sheets holding a cup of coffee.
(If not, enjoy it. It's a spreading disease)

So now. 10 steps to become so very tumblr.

1. It's all about coffee. Much coffee in huge amounts.

2. White bedding.

3. Long messy beachy beach hair. Ombré or balayage, that's it.

4. It's seems to be like crashed denim is an important part of the recipe.

5. You also need need neeeeed black and white nikes. Need.

6. Also, real tumblr girls go the gym in really short nike sports clothing...

7....and eat healthy. Prefered are tropic fruits and strawberrys. (But it's okay. The other tumblr girls like to talk a.lot. bout their crush on pizza)

8. Flowers are somehow really important.

9. Polaroids.
(I thought Im clever and just printed my photos smaller and cutting them to look like polaroids. No money makes you really creativ)

10. Bands. Arctic monkeys, 5SOS and so happy bout it NOT One Direction (one direction is twitter & facebook).

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