Friday, August 21, 2015

The Time I Lost My Life or TV-Shows & Must-See-Films

You've probably gone through that life-changing progress when you discovered how the TV works when you were a kid. It was the end of creativity. It was the end of an are.

But now where it's too late anyways it it important that you don't die before you've seen the classics. And no - these are not Casablanca or the films your parents would call classics. 


• the Simpsons ok
• Adventure Time
• HIMYM obviously
• Sherlock 
• Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
• Orange Is The New Black
• Misfits
• Dr. House
• The Flash
• Breaking Bad
• The Walking Dead
• Doctor Who
• PLL (if you're a girl maybe)
• South Park
• Supernatural
• Under The Dome


Where I have to say that I just can't count  every single one. That's impossible.

every single Marvel Production
• Harry Potter
• Star Wars
• Shaun Of The Dead
• The rest of the Cornetto Trilogy
• Batman Trilogy
• The Fault In Our Stars
• Paper Towns
• Sherlock Holmes (with Downey Jr.)
• Now You Can See Me
• The Lorax
• Skyfall & Casino Royale
• Matrix Trilogy
• Mission Impossible Quintology
• Knight and Day
• The Hobbit Trilogy
• The Great Gatsby
• Jurrasic Park & World
• Men In Black Trilogy
• Life Of Brian
• Hitchhiker
• I Am Legend
• Magic Mike
• ...

Did I forget something? Comment it down below!

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  1. Harry Potter is definitely a must-see. I still haven't watched Orange Is the New Black and Supernatural!